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Ground Cover Plants

The planting of ground cover plants, on steep unmanageable slopes, or reducing areas for grass mowing requires plants of a prostrate nature, ever green, fast growing, ability to smother out grass and weeds long term, the use of bark or mypex and gravel is usually required.

Checking topsoil quality and replacement of soil, on banks excavated back into subsoil is the usual issue. Plants can be planted in excavated holes refilled with fertile soil, there is no exact formula for success, as each site is different. Usually one to three plants per sq metre is required. Contact the nursery for availability and prices


This is a group of mainly evergreen plants which have a range of characteristic in terms of spread ability, height, speed etc. Names like queen of carpets, dammerii, horizontalis, coral beauty etc. All produce white flowers, popular with bees and red berries popular with the birds.


Ceanothus repens, evergreen small dark foliage, flowering early summer into autumn, can be frost tender in frost pocket sites


Vinca, long list of different types exist, all evergreen and invasive when established,
suckers will self root after a number of years, ensuring nothing else survives, frost and wind hardy, but requires dry fertile soil


Usually the Erica family, as most are lime tolerant, ground preparation essential to avoid plants drying out, flowering autumn, into spring, therefore heavy or peaty type soil essential to retain moisture in high summer temperatures.